Fire, Termite & Insect Resistant

Building technology and standards have developed considerably over time. Modern buildings are resilient, durable, and designed to withstand different kinds of adverse conditions. Constructing a secure property ensures you don't have to deal with too much damage and complex repairs down the line.

At Bond Building Systems, we provide fire, termite, and insect-resistant building systems. We use proven building techniques and designs to help create structures that stand the test of time.

Fire Resistant Building

Fire requires fuel to burn, and the best way to avoid massive, destructive fires is to deprive it of fuel. Wood, paper, board, and other such materials are flammable, even if they're treated with specialized solutions and coatings to help repel fire. Concrete is one of the most fire-resistant building materials, and we use it extensively in our design.

Our Bond system has a metal mesh or steel case, which forms the frame for the structure. This mesh is sprayed with shotcrete, which is a concrete mixture. Once the concrete cures and the construction is complete, the structure is very fire resistant.

Concrete will prevent the spread of fire and help limit the damage to the property. It will also give people inside enough time to leave the property and get to a safer location. If you live in an area that is prone to bush fires or forest fires like California, it is a good idea to invest in a fire-resistant home.

Termite and Insect Resistant Building

Termites and insects only infest areas where they have abundant food sources. The pests feed on wood, paper, and other such organic compounds. Most people don't realize that these creatures can cause extensive damage to the property. Termites compromise the structural integrity of the wood beams, support structures, window frames, and other such components. These components might look good from the outside but can crumble to dust under the slightest pressure.

A termite-resistant building is made from materials like metal, concrete, and brick. There's no organic food source to sustain the termites and other insects. These construction materials won't make your home 100% pest-free but can help limit the infestation and the damage it causes.

Affordable and Resilient Buildings

You can construct a home, office, store, or commercial property without spending a premium amount on its construction. Our building solution strikes the perfect right balance between quality and fire-resistant construction cost, and we can ship the system to any location in the world at a low cost.

This unique building solution is easy-to-use, quick to set up, and reliable. Whether you are in California or the Bahamas, we can send the materials to you. It takes only five steps to create a fire and termite resistant home from our system. Our experts will provide all of the instructions you need to use our tools effectively.

If you want to know more about our fire, termite, and insect resistant systems or other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bond Building Systems. You can contact us or call 954 641 1500.