Tornado & Hurricane Resistant

Forces of nature are powerful and devastating. Tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and floods can cause untold destruction of life and property. There's no perfect way to make your home completely safe from every natural force.

However, you can take steps to make it more secure. At Bond Building Systems, we have developed a building solution that can help make your home or commercial property more reliable and resilient. If you're looking for tornado and hurricane resistant homes, we can help.

Building a Tornado Resistant Buildings

If you live in areas that face frequent natural disasters like Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, etc., its best to consider building a weather-resistant structure. In the US alone, Tornadoes cause $400 million worth of damage and around 70 fatalities every year. The numbers are much worse in areas with poor infrastructure, lack of resources, and unreliable government support. Tornado-resistant homes offer several benefits:

  • They don’t sustain too much damage during the storm and are easier to repair.
  • These buildings provide a more secure shelter during and after the disaster. You can live in these buildings while the reconstruction efforts are going on.
  • It is easier to get the community back on its feet after a disaster. Businesses can open faster, and the economy can start to recover quickly.

Hurricane Resistant Homes

The Bahamas recently experienced a devastating hurricane that left more than 70,000 people homeless. The Caribbean is vulnerable and faces natural disasters like this regularly, which is why it makes sense to build hurricane-proof homes as a part of the reconstruction efforts.

We have a unique construction system that makes it easy and affordable, and it doesn't even require a large workforce or too much skill. With our system, you need only 3-4 people to set up a reliable and robust home. There are several benefits of building a hurricane-resistant structure after a disaster, such as:

  • These properties are a better investment than traditional buildings because they’ll withstand future natural disasters better.
  • It is easy to create dozens of houses and commercial properties in a short period. You only need 3-4 people working on a single property, which means you can construct several structures at once if you have a big enough team. We provide detailed instructions and even provide training so you can use our system effectively.
  • We can ship the components to any location quickly. Our team can send enough material to create 64 houses of 600 sq. ft. each in a 20ft sized container.
  • Hurricane-proof homes and commercial properties have a lower insurance risk, which means it is easier to get proper insurance coverage and save money on premiums.

These are just some of the many advantages of building hurricane-resistant properties in vulnerable areas like the Bahamas. If you want to know more about our fire, termite, and insect resistant systems or other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bond Building Systems. You can contact us or call 954 641 1500.